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Nathalie is a really sweet nerd girl. She likes to trample men with her flats and bare feet. Her male victim has to take it all and he can not resist because his hands are bonded together. He is lying on the ground and she starts to walk on his chest with her hot feet. After a while she presses his feet onto his face and plays with his nose. They are a little bit sweaty but that doesn't matter, Nathalie likes to play and he has to follow all of her orders as good as he can.

Lady Bonnie is really cruel! The slave was partying the whole last night. And now he has a very bad hangover! The only thing he likes to do is to sleep a long time. But Lady Bonnie wants to bother him. And so she starts to punish him. She walks on his face. She tramples and crushes him as hard as she can! The slave's pain is doubled this way - but she seems to have no mercy! If the slave believes he can make party and have fun without her he will get the pain next day, that's only fair!

Yes, you already know it - If you are a good slave you will get a special surprise! But only a few servants can reach this point. It is always a hard choice to find a suitable slave and I am very selective. That means that it will be really hard for YOU to get under my awesome shoes! My fucking hot ass also will be unreachable for you! So YOU can only dream about it - and the only thing you can do is watch my clip and jerk off! Or do you believe you can handle it...? Come and find out...!

At first the slave thought that it will be his lucky day. He already knew that the girls want to punish him because he did a bad slave job last time. And then he realized that they want to trample him. But they took off her boots before. He was really happy - until they started the session! They did not took off the boots because they have mercy. The only reason was that they could trample his face better without shoes! And so the sisters punished him the way they like it - hard and brutal! They are the Sado Sisters!

Zoe loves to play with her slaves. Especially to trample on them! So this time she took a slave and wants to use him as a human carpet. At the beginning she tries to find out if he is suitable for the job. But it looks like he can do the job! So she walks on his chest and body all over - and he has to take it all because he is nothing more than a human carpet!

Teodora, Alexandra and Kacie are really hot and young girls. And they always like to play and have some fun! But most of the time Kacie has to follow the orders of the other two girls. And this time it is the same as usual. The two dominant girls decide what to do. Because they like Kacie's belly they start to trample on her! She relaxes at the couch when suddenly one of the girls moves on her body. She likes to scream because it is a painful feeling - but the girls tell her she is not allowed to cry! So she has to be silent while the two girls continue to trample on her and have some fun!

After a long day mistress Demonia returns at home. She goes into the bedroom and has to realize that her slave is already sleeping in her bed. That is not ok! She had to work the whole day and he believes he can relax. There is only one thing she can do now: She has to punish him - hard! So she starts to trample on his throat. Standing in her sexy underwear on his chest she also looks very hot! But he can not enjoy the view because after a short time she starts to trample his head too! And his balls will also be crushed - That's the way she likes to treat some lazy people!

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