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Mistress Carla did not like jealous people around her. This guy was one such person and she did not want him to continue being jealous. She wanted him to learn to be grateful for what he had and to work hard for what he wanted. So she crushed him with her high heels and ensured that he was in pain and that he would never be jealous of others again.

Mistress Isil does not condone any bad behavior or misbehavior. When she noticed that this guy had misbehaved, she had to deal with him in the way that she was used to dealing with such people. She used high heels to trample the shit out of him and made sure that the point was home through the pain that she inflicted on the poor guy. He never repeated his mistake.

When this mistress realized that she had to control this guy, she knew it had to be through a little bit of pain. That is why she chose to use her high heels to do it. The mistress forced the guy to lie down while naked and she used high heels to trample him all over including on his groin. At the same time, she asked him to jerk off.

Missy Van Licks and her business partners had invested in farming and they expected that he would take care of their crop and tend to it as well as he needed until they got their harvest. But he did not take care of it as well as they wanted and since that was jeopardizing their investment, the mistresses had to trample with high heels and do other things to make sure he learned never to repeat that mistake.

When this mistress noticed that this guy was an irritant, she had to punish him which she did as cruelly as she needed to do. The mistress made sure that the guy learned his lesson and that he felt all the pain he needed to feel. The mistress wore her sneakers and she used them to trample the shit out of him. He tried to promise that he would change but she did not listen to him.

Mistress Ariel does not like to be rushed and that is what her boyfriend did to her. She was so pissed that she had to do something to ensure that it never happened again. That is why she used her bare feet to punish him. He had to endure her trampling before she was done with him. The mistress also had her man lick her feet and gag on them too.

Mistress Ava and her friend lady Bellatrix needed to deal with these guys and they did so painfully. The guys did not expect what they did to them. The mistresses enjoyed trampling the guys with their bare feet and threatened to crush their balls using their high heels but the guys cooperated so the mistresses did not need to use the high heels to punish them. They were foot gagged though.

This mistress never worries about breaking up with someone. When someone tries to break up with her, they usually have themselves to blame for what she will do to them. She showed her friends what she normally does to her exes for her friends to learn a thing or two. The mistress loves to body trample them and she sometimes crushes their tongues using her high heels or her shoes.

When this guy intruded this mistress' house, he knew she was alone and he thought she would be scared but she was not. She is martial arts trained and she knows how to defend herself. That is one thing he did not know and he only found out when she used her prowess to beat him and disarm him. He was then body trampled for fun by the mistress using her boots.

When this mistress realized that she had a snobbish slave, she had to teach him to stop that habit. The mistress did not want to deal with such a slave again and that is why she had to make sure it was a thing of the past. She trampled and stomped on him with her bare feet and his naked body and the pain was off the charts. It worked.

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