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Goddess Ellyah caught her boyfriend doing some dumb shit instead of working and she decided to do some dumb things herself but to him. So she had him lie down and she body trampled him. The mistress even did squats while on his body and she told him not to make any noise and not to move so as to destabilize her. He struggled but he managed to do it.

Mistress Angelina caught this guy stalking her and she did not like it. She told him that she was flattered but he was making her uncomfortable and that he needed to stop following her. She expected him to stop but he did not and that pissed her off and she had to punish him cruelly. The mistress did it with her body trampling and the pain made him agree to stop.

Mistress Luisa was paid by these mistresses so as to punish their men. They had done some unimaginable things to their girls and their girls wanted them punished. The work of doing so fell on mistress Luisa and she did not shy from doing it. She made sure that she did it as well as she could and she used body trampling to do it. She used her high heels.

Lady Aurora did not need a reason to torture and humiliate this guy. She did it because she could and she did not care what the guy felt. She had become sadistic and as such, she felt great doing things which created misery in others. Today this guy had no choice but to endure the painful body trampling that the mistress subjected him to for no other reason than just because she could.

Mistress Adora and her friend did not give this lumberjack the license to cut trees in their forest. When they caught him in his illegal logging activity, they knew it was time to make him an example to the rest. That is why they trampled and crushed him cruelly. They made sure to take a video so as to use it as a warning to anyone else who would try it.

This mistress had paid for a makeover of her house but she did not get what she had paid for. She was pissed and very much so. She had to get value for her money and that is why she opted to trample him. The mistress trampled and jumped on him to make sure he felt pain and that he always remembered to adhere to client instructions in any job he was given.

When this mistress realized that she had a snobbish slave, she had to teach him to stop that habit. The mistress did not want to deal with such a slave again and that is why she had to make sure it was a thing of the past. She trampled and stomped on him with her bare feet and his naked body and the pain was off the charts. It worked.

Mistress Gilda was going through a hard time but these guys found it funny and tried to make fun of her. She was so pissed by that behavior and she had to teach them a lesson. She did this by trampling them with her high heels and making them feel incredible pain. They never did that to anyone again after that because thy did not want to go through that pain again.

Lady Scarlet noticed that this guy was shitty mannered and she did not want to continue dealing with him. He had to do things her way and that was why she body trampled him to make him feel pain and know that he could not afford to repeat his mistake. She laughed at the poor guy and had him agree that he would never be shitty mannered again. He kept his word.

When mistress Enola noticed that she was dealing with an unruly slave, she felt that it was time to dominate him and teach him something he had never been taught before. The mistress cruelly trampled him and made sure she did it with her feet. As he felt pain on every part of his body, he knew he could not afford to be unruly again. That is how he changed.

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