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This guy had pissed off mistress Madison and and mistress Aurora. They needed help to punish him and that is where mistress Nica came in. She helped them to know what to do to him. She advised them to body trample him and they did it. He cried and tried to beg for mercy but the mistresses only laughed at him as he did so and continued dominating and humiliating him.

Goddess Andova needed to trample this guy in a way he had never been before and she did it with her high heels. She did it to make him learn that she was not to be messed with as he thought he could do. The mistress made sure that he was naked before she did that to him. He cried and wished that she would let him go but she was not yet done with him.

This BBW mistress did not agree to be filmed during sex and when she found out that this guy had done that, she was pissed and she had to punish him. She did so using her high heels and she made sure that he learned never to do that again to people. He needed to understand consent and practice it. So she smothered and body trampled him while wearing her boots.

This mistress never worries about breaking up with someone. When someone tries to break up with her, they usually have themselves to blame for what she will do to them. She showed her friends what she normally does to her exes for her friends to learn a thing or two. The mistress loves to body trample them and she sometimes crushes their tongues using her high heels or her shoes.

This mistress had noticed a few times that this girl was eyeing her man and she did not like that. She did not want her to put her man into temptations and so she had to take matters into her own hands. She did so and she used her high heels to punish the girl cruelly. She trampled her all over and told her to keep away from her man and she did.

This guy tried to side line these mistresses so that he could get all the glory but the mistresses were not about to let him get away with it. They looked for him and they body trampled him with high heel boots and he felt pain he had never felt before besides feeling humiliated by the mistresses and what they did. He cried bitterly but he had brought it on himself.

When this guy intruded this mistress' house, he knew she was alone and he thought she would be scared but she was not. She is martial arts trained and she knows how to defend herself. That is one thing he did not know and he only found out when she used her prowess to beat him and disarm him. He was then body trampled for fun by the mistress using her boots.

Mistress Nica and her friend wanted to put her ex in his place and and they did it by trampling him. They knew that body trampling him would work wonders and it did. The guys made sure that he learned his lesson and he never tried the nonsense that had led to his punishment in the first place as he knew what they were capable of doing to him if he did not style up.

Mistress Jennyfer felt that this guy needed to have his pain threshold tested as he bragged about how tough and macho he was. She did not believe him and she felt that he had to be put to the test. She did so using her body trampling fetish and that was when she realized that he was just a loudmouth who was not as macho or as tough as he claimed to be.

Mistress Cristianali did not want a slow slave and when she realized that she had one, she knew that it would not work out well for her. So she had to come up with a way to deal with him to make him stop being slow. She body trampled him with her high heels and she had him feel the kind of pain he had never felt before in his life.

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