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When this mistress felt that she had to send a cruel message to this guy, she had to do it in a way that he would never forget. The mistress felt that the best way was to use her high heels to do it and she did not even think twice about it. She used them to trample the shit out of him and in no time, he was crying like a baby.

When this mistress realized that she had to control this guy, she knew it had to be through a little bit of pain. That is why she chose to use her high heels to do it. The mistress forced the guy to lie down while naked and she used high heels to trample him all over including on his groin. At the same time, she asked him to jerk off.

This guy was a snitch and he had to be treated as such. That is why madam Mysteria had to torture and humiliate him which she did with her high heel boots. The guy was stripped naked and the mistress used her high heels to inflict pain on him. He tried to beg her for mercy but she did not stop what she was doing to him. He had to learn his lesson and he did.

This mistress wore her sneakers and she used them to dominate and trample this guy. The mistress felt that she needed to teach the guy a lesson because she felt that he was too much for her and that it needed to stop. He was always calling and texting and she felt that it was no longer cute but harassment. That is why she put an end to his interest in her by trampling him with her sneakers.

When this mistress had sex with this guy, she was disappointed with his performance because he came too quickly. She was pissed as he had told her how he was going to make her get tired of cumming and enjoy herself with multiple orgasms. But she did not have even one orgasm and she felt wasted and used. And for that, he had to pay which he did as she trampled his dick with her feet.

Mistress Dula needed to dominate this guy and she did it in a way he never experienced before. The mistress cruelly trampled him after she had teased him a little. He thought that she was out for fun but he realized that she was not and was instead focused on having fun at his expense. He did his best to make sure he never messed with her or went near her.

This guy was a stalker and he deserved to be punished. He had messed with the mistresses and they had to do something they had never done before. They cruelly used their high heels to trample and stomp on him. They did it all over his body and he was in a lot of pain. But the mistresses did not care and had to ensure that he stopped stalking them.

Missy Van Licks and her business partners had invested in farming and they expected that he would take care of their crop and tend to it as well as he needed until they got their harvest. But he did not take care of it as well as they wanted and since that was jeopardizing their investment, the mistresses had to trample with high heels and do other things to make sure he learned never to repeat that mistake.

When these mistresses noticed that their employee was not delivering on his duties, he had to be punished as they were not going to tolerate the kind of things he did. That is why the mistresses had to make sure that he was trampled painfully and that he learned from the pain he felt. The guy tried to get them to let him go but they did not do it.

When this mistress noticed that this guy was an irritant, she had to punish him which she did as cruelly as she needed to do. The mistress made sure that the guy learned his lesson and that he felt all the pain he needed to feel. The mistress wore her sneakers and she used them to trample the shit out of him. He tried to promise that he would change but she did not listen to him.

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