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When Alice and Teodora go out, they just want to have fun. When they find a man, they trick him home for what he thinks will be a wild night of fucking. They get him home and put him on their bed. They take off his shirt and their shoes and start walking all over him. They jump and trample him until he is filled with bruises and redness. They laugh at him as they walk all over him for hours before letting him go.

When Mistress Rubis is worried, she likes to pace and be outside. She takes her slave to her favorite place and sits on the table top. When she looks at her slave, laying at her feet, she steps on him. She loves walking up and down his body, making him moan. As she comes to the conclusions she needs, she is happy to keep walking. The more she walks, the better she feels.

When Mistress Mara is happy, she knows what to do. She shares her news with her slave. He is on the floor so she walks over to him in her high heels. She walks all over him and leaves him battered and bruised. She takes off her shoes and is happy to walk on his face bare foot. With so much to say, she jumps up and down to show her excitement.

When these two mistresses find her alone and unguided, they take her in. They train her to be just what they like and they use her mercilessly. When they come in, she is to be waiting. These mistresses stand on her chest. They shift their weight from one side of their body to the other. They enjoy the way she turns red and struggles for breath. As soon as they are done, she may go in peace.

When Mistress Lara goes for a walk, she doesn't know that her slave will lead her to a rocky industrial site. She isn't happy at first but when she realizes they are all alone, she orders her slave to the ground. She starts to walk all over him and tell him how much he has disappointed her. She used the blue piping as a balance so that she could jump up and down on him.

When Jenny comes home from work, she inspects her home. She waits until the house has been inspected and when she finds dust, she calls her slave out. She is still in her high heels shoes when she steps on him. She walks all around his chest and makes sure to leave a mark. By the time she takes her shoes off, she has left a bruise. She jumps up and down on him as she tells him how much he doesn't do and how worthless he is.

Angel Eileen and Angel Sibilla are happy to appear to a bored slave. They know that he needs some attention and are happy to provide it. These two find him at a billards table and they quickly put him on his back. They start to step all over him as they purr compliments to him. They stand on his stomach and chest. When they turn insulting, they begin to step on his neck.

When Mistress Lydie goes to her office, she is in total control. She is able to make business deals and assuage her appetites too. She calls her office slave to her and orders him to the floor by the window. She starts by kicking his cock and balls. She digs her high heels into his stomach and steps on his face. She jumps from the window casing to his big body before she is done. When she gives him his next assignment, she does it with her feet at his throat.

When Michelle is introduced to her slave, she is introduced as a trampler. She loves to walk all over her slaves. She puts her new slave to work by putting him on the floor. She starts to walk all over him in her heels. She loves watching his skin turn red and bruised. She takes her boots off and plays with his face with his sock covered feet. She jumps up and down on him with her bare feet before she is done.

When these babes go out, they find a man that will come back to their hotel with them. He doesn't know they are going to dance on him in their heels. They strip him out of his shirt and put him on the floor. These leggy beauties still have on their high heels as they dance on him and around him. They love dancing to music with a throbbing beat so they can get the most out of their encounters.

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