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Miss Maeva is a Ballerina star who just got a new pair of ballet shoes that really need to get broke in so she puts them on and orders her slave to the ground where she likes him. She likes to have a doormat that she can wipe her feet on and her slave becomes a human doormat. Then she gets busy jumping up and down on his balls and face she tells him what a fuck wad he is.

Three of Santas Elf's are getting ready to trample there slave Kacie. They have been drinking eggnog all day and messing with Kacies head getting her all excited telling her the way that there going to trample her. One of the Elfs stand on Kacies stomach and starts dancing to the music that they have been listing to as the other two scream and yell at her and tell what kind of a loser slave she is.

Lady Deluxe and Lady One were on their way to the store on the Suburban train when they noticed a good looking guy just staring at there sneakers. No one else was around so they walked up to him and they both threw him to the floor and one started to step on his cock and nuts while the other mistress made him stick out his tongue and stepped on it and his face.

This hot mistress likes to put her slave down and tell him that he is a dirty dog who doesn't deserve the air he breathes. She likes to make him suffer as much as possible she likes to give him a wedgie and pull his underwear so far up his ass that he falls to the ground and then steps on his face she likes to trample his ass until he submits to her.

Mistress Amelia is a stunning mistress with a hot female friend and both of them just came home from a disco and a fun night out on the town because they are both upset because their boyfriends cheated on them. These two sexy mistresses decide to take revenge on their loser slave as they give him a brutal ball busting session and after breaking his balls they trample him even more brutally!

Miss Sabie is a stunning brunette mistress wearing a pair of high heel boots with tight black pants and a black shirt. She has her loser slave wearing nothing but his underwear as he lays on the floor in front of her and she gets on top of him with her full weight and then she tramples him brutally showing him no mercy as she jumps, kicks and walks all over her loser slave and even tramples his cock and balls.

Mistress Kitty is a sexy mistress and she has a pair of new shoes and she is super excited to try them out. She puts on her sharp high heels and then she has her slave lay on the floor in front of a window so she can enjoy the sunshine as she tramples him brutally with her sharp heels and full weight. She shows him no mercy as she walks all over his entire body from head to toe brutally.

Goddess Evil Pios is a stunning mistress wearing brown and cream Adidas superstar sneakers as she gets on top of her loser slaves body with her full weight. She has her loser slave laying on the floor by the bottom of the stairs and she climbs up a few stairs and then jumps off of the stairs and lands brutally on her loser slaves body with her full weight.

Miss Medina is a sexy mistress and she and her friends Lady Chantal, Sweetbaby and Jane all put their loser slave in the trunk of their car and go for a drive. They then stop in the middle of no where and take him out and trample him on the road. Then they leave him on the side of the road while they drive away leaving him all alone curled up in pain.

Mistress Giselle and Mistress Jenna are two sexy mistresses who are having some fun and giggling as they trample their loser slave. They are standing on his face with their full weight pressing down on his entire face and his chest leaving him begging for their mercy as they brutally trample him and humiliate him for being such a complete loser. These two girls have fun as they put their full weight all over the slaves face and body.

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