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Teodora has had just about enough shit from her so called friend Calina. It's time to teach her a lesson that she'll never forget and hopefully one that will turn her into a good and submissive slave for a long time. Teodora puts on her sexiest and most revealing leathers and crushes Calina's chest and stomach with her bare, sweaty feet, pressing her full weight on her breasts and neck.

Miss Kimmy loves to trample all over useless slaves and human carpets like this guy. She's good at it too. Today she decides that she wants to teach her friend the same skills and have a little party. So they set up the music, put on their sharpest high heels, and get to it! After awhile, everyone gets bored, so they all take their shoes off and start trampling with their bare feet.

In her tight black leather that shows off her perfect ass and her big black boots with straps and heels, this girl is a dominating mistress. She comes out to the garage on her day off and decides to go a walkin', which is what her boots were made for. She crushes a couple useless human carpets with her heels in the process, but they don't mind, and she keeps on stompin'.

Sindy loves nothing more than jumping all the time, and her slave loves nothing more than her powerful, beautiful feet. Could there be a more perfect match? She got a brand new pair of sneakers today and would love to test them out. So she stands up on top of the ottoman and jumps! Then, when they've had enough of sneakers, she takes them off and jumps with her bare feet.

This janitor has been very, very bad. Instead of mopping the floor, he's been peeking in and spying on two schoolgirls who happen to have detention. They figure that there's not much more trouble that they can get in, so they beat him up and drag him into the room in order to punish them. They lay him down on the floor and trample all over him while they write on the board.

As soon as Jane and Layla open their doors to the first torture chamber in the burbs, they were flooded with clients. These two sexy blonds are on their feet day and night for the pleasure of their slaves and clients. As soon as two of their clients walk in, they are laid down. These two ladies enjoy walking all over their bodies, with and without shoes. They get to step on a slave's face and get paid for it.

When her slave makes her mad, Princess Pumagirly makes sure they don't make the mistake of doing it again. She orders her slave to lie on the floor and she stands over him. She begins to jump up and down on his chest. She uses the window ledge to keep her balance and jump as hard as she can. As soon as she starts to see the pain in her slave's face she stops and tells them they are worthless.

When Lady Senna wants to get warmed up for a night of fun, she calls her slave into the room. She has on leather clothing and her favorite black stilettos. She walks over to her slave and starts to walk all over him. She enjoys feeling him squirm and plead for mercy. She loves hearing him grunt and beg for relief. She keeps walking and grinding her feet into his soft body.

When she tells her slave to do something and he doesn't do it, she has no problem punishing him. She orders him to the floor and takes off her shoes. She steps on his face, making him squirm and and groan. As soon as she shifts her weight, she starts to tell him how worthless he is. She tells him that he is a piece of worthless trash not even capable of satisfying her.

When Alice, Emily and Eileen go out together, they always bring home a slave to share. They met a looser and they brought him into their apartment to teach him a lesson. They ordered him to lay down after taking off his shirt. They took turns stepping all over him with their stinky bare feet. They put their feet all over his face, making him lick the sweat and grime off.

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