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Mistress Kitty is a sexy mistress wearing a pair of ballet shoes as she takes her slave for a walk in the woods. She finds a nice and quite spot for her slave to lay down on the ground. She then gets on top of him wearing her ballet shoes and presses down on his skin with her full weight. She shows him no mercy as she jumps on his cock and balls brutally.

Mistress Maras is wearing a pair of sharp black high heels and she uses them to give her slave a brutal and sadistic trampling. Even though she is a little bit older she is still in incredible shape and she knows how to give her slave a brutal trampling. She uses her sharp heels to dig into his muscles and cause him extreme pain before trampling him again with her bare feet.

This man is visiting from Germany and he has been trampled by sexy mistresses all over the world and he wants to get trampled by the sexy mistresses here! I worn him that these babes are dangerous but he does not listen and gets trampled by eight of out best mistresses, Alice, Emily, Julie, Gia, Sibilla, Thodora, Sibilla and Nicolina. These mistresses show him no mercy as they trample him with their sharp heels and he finds out that no man on the earth can take their tramplings.

This loser slave is laying down on the bed and he is getting a brutal face trampling by his sexy mistress. His mistress takes her bare feet and gets on top of his face with her full weight pressing down on his cheeks. She then works her feet all over his face painfully pressing down all over his face and nose. She then jumps up and down on his face and leaves him in extreme pain.

Mistress Naeva is a sexy mistress who is giving her slave a brutal trampling with her high heels on. She gets on top of him wearing her sharp black heels and a sexy black dress and stands on top of him with her full weight pressing down on the heels. She then stands on his throat with her sharp heels digging into his skin and then jumps on his balls showing him no mercy!

Mistress Natalie has never trampled a slave before so her new slave thinks that he is safe because she has no experience. But he was wrong because this sexy mistress gives him a brutal trampling that he will never forget! She gets on top of him wearing high heel boots and tramples him. She then takes off her boots and tramples him again with her dirty socks on and finally tramples him a third time with her smelly bare feet!

Mistress Alice and Mistress Teodora are two sexy mistresses who love to mistreat their slave. Today they are interrogating him and they want him to answer their questions! They put him down on the bed and then start chocking him with their hands around his throat. Then they take and stand on top of him with their combined full weight pressing down on his bare skin and they give him a brutal trampling!

Lady Svenja is a sexy blonde mistress and she is abusing her slave. She starts out sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette while using her slave as a human foot stool. She then finishes her cigarette and then she gets up and tramples her loser slave with her sandals on. Then she takes off her sandals and uses her bare feet to trample her slave all over again with her full weight.

Mistress Leelo used to be in the military and she wants to give her loser slave a real hardcore trampling wearing her rangers! She makes him lift up his shirt and lay down on the ground and she gets on top of him and tramples him with her full weight. She then gets even more violent and she starts jumping and stomping on him painfully and brutally causing him as much pain as possible.

Mistress Vanessa had taken a long walk in her heels and her feet were sweaty and smelly. When she saw her slave, she decided to take him and make him her doormat. With her heels on, she trampled him without any mercy. She then removed her heels and enjoyed crushing and bringing her full weight to bear on his poor body. She especially liked rubbing her smelly and sweaty feet on his body.

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