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Mistress Amber was dressed sexily and this loser thought it was his lucky day. But it was not and he had to endure her pain. She trampled him painfully using her bare feet as well as with shoes. She made sure that her slave was not only in pain, but that he would also humiliated so that it could be worth her time. She was an extremely busy mistress. The slave learned his lesson.

Mistress Tan came home and found that this slave had not prepared food. She was mad since she had told him she was starving and was coming home to eat. She punished him before making him get in the kitchen and cook. She made him undress and remain only with his draws before she trampled him with her high heels. She wanted him to feel maximum pain and she made sure he felt it.

Miss Sabie is a stunning brunette mistress wearing a pair of high heel boots with tight black pants and a black shirt. She has her loser slave wearing nothing but his underwear as he lays on the floor in front of her and she gets on top of him with her full weight and then she tramples him brutally showing him no mercy as she jumps, kicks and walks all over her loser slave and even tramples his cock and balls.

Mistress Kitty is a sexy mistress and she has a pair of new shoes and she is super excited to try them out. She puts on her sharp high heels and then she has her slave lay on the floor in front of a window so she can enjoy the sunshine as she tramples him brutally with her sharp heels and full weight. She shows him no mercy as she walks all over his entire body from head to toe brutally.

Mistress Rabia is a stunning mistress wearing a pair of black high heels with black stockings on. She has her loser slave laying on the floor and she is standing on top of him with her sharp heels on her bare skin. She shows him no mercy as she gives him a brutal trampling session and when she is all done she turns her attention to his cock and balls to torture him even more painfully.

Goddess Jessica is a stunning mistress who is wearing a pair of high heel boots and she needs to relax. There is nothing more relaxing to her than trampling a loser slave with her sharp boots. She gets on top of him and tramples him with her full weight and then she uses his shirt to wipe her boots clean. Finally she makes him lick her boots clean to please her even more.

This man is visiting from Germany and he has been trampled by sexy mistresses all over the world and he wants to get trampled by the sexy mistresses here! I worn him that these babes are dangerous but he does not listen and gets trampled by eight of out best mistresses, Alice, Emily, Julie, Gia, Sibilla, Thodora, Sibilla and Nicolina. These mistresses show him no mercy as they trample him with their sharp heels and he finds out that no man on the earth can take their tramplings.

Mistress Naeva is a sexy mistress who is giving her slave a brutal trampling with her high heels on. She gets on top of him wearing her sharp black heels and a sexy black dress and stands on top of him with her full weight pressing down on the heels. She then stands on his throat with her sharp heels digging into his skin and then jumps on his balls showing him no mercy!

Yes, you already know it - If you are a good slave you will get a special surprise! But only a few servants can reach this point. It is always a hard choice to find a suitable slave and I am very selective. That means that it will be really hard for YOU to get under my awesome shoes! My fucking hot ass also will be unreachable for you! So YOU can only dream about it - and the only thing you can do is watch my clip and jerk off! Or do you believe you can handle it...? Come and find out...!

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