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Chanel and Chloe have invited Celine over to introduce her to the wonderful world of trampling and smothering by using their slave together. They have him down on his back when they start off by trampling his face with all of their painful heels. Then they take turns cutting off his air supply by standing on his chest in the same painful heels and covering his nose and mouth with their hands and pussies.

Mistress Rabia is a stunning mistress wearing a pair of black high heels with black stockings on. She has her loser slave laying on the floor and she is standing on top of him with her sharp heels on her bare skin. She shows him no mercy as she gives him a brutal trampling session and when she is all done she turns her attention to his cock and balls to torture him even more painfully.

Mistress Naeva is a sexy mistress who is giving her slave a brutal trampling with her high heels on. She gets on top of him wearing her sharp black heels and a sexy black dress and stands on top of him with her full weight pressing down on the heels. She then stands on his throat with her sharp heels digging into his skin and then jumps on his balls showing him no mercy!

When Nicole gets a new slave, she decides to show him how dominate she is. She pulls him into her living room and strips his shirt off. She puts on her favorite heels and she starts to step on him. She enjoys stepping on his bare chest, watching him turn red and groan in pain. When she feels like he can't take more, she pulls her shoes off and steps on him with her bare feet.

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