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Mistress Amrita found her boyfriend naked. She also had caught him watching porn and he was about to jerk off. She did not like any of it and she had to make him realize what would happen if he did it again. He did not seem to take what she did seriously and that is why she chose to body trample him in order to drive the point home. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi and mistress Agma had an issue with their gym instructor and they felt that they needed to punish him so that he learned to do things the right way. He was forced to lie down and endure being trampled by the mistresses. In addition, the mistresses taught him about the need to be professional at all times. He had to change his ways to avoid another punishment.

Mistress Alice and mistress Anastasia did not want to deal with any deception and that is why they had to body trample and humiliate this guy cruelly so that he knew never to piss them off again. He took things for granted and he regretted it when he was put to task and punished for the things he had done. He never repeated his mistake again as he knew the cost.

Degrading this guy was one of the top priorities of goddess Gabriella. She felt that she had to dominate the guy and do it with her feet so that it would be as painful as she wanted it to be. By the time she was done with him, she knew he was in pain and he had pledged to never do what he had done. She believed him and let him go.

Mistress Isil does not condone any bad behavior or misbehavior. When she noticed that this guy had misbehaved, she had to deal with him in the way that she was used to dealing with such people. She used high heels to trample the shit out of him and made sure that the point was home through the pain that she inflicted on the poor guy. He never repeated his mistake.

This guy was a snitch and he had to be treated as such. That is why madam Mysteria had to torture and humiliate him which she did with her high heel boots. The guy was stripped naked and the mistress used her high heels to inflict pain on him. He tried to beg her for mercy but she did not stop what she was doing to him. He had to learn his lesson and he did.

This mistress wore her sneakers and she used them to dominate and trample this guy. The mistress felt that she needed to teach the guy a lesson because she felt that he was too much for her and that it needed to stop. He was always calling and texting and she felt that it was no longer cute but harassment. That is why she put an end to his interest in her by trampling him with her sneakers.

When this mistress had sex with this guy, she was disappointed with his performance because he came too quickly. She was pissed as he had told her how he was going to make her get tired of cumming and enjoy herself with multiple orgasms. But she did not have even one orgasm and she felt wasted and used. And for that, he had to pay which he did as she trampled his dick with her feet.

This mistress did not like what her friend had done and they even stopped being friends. When she came and tried to apologize over that, the mistress did not want that to be the case and she could not trust her again. So she made her lick her ass and smell her farts before she chased her from her house. The girl was shocked and cried but there was no turning back.

Mistress Ava and her friend lady Bellatrix needed to deal with these guys and they did so painfully. The guys did not expect what they did to them. The mistresses enjoyed trampling the guys with their bare feet and threatened to crush their balls using their high heels but the guys cooperated so the mistresses did not need to use the high heels to punish them. They were foot gagged though.

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