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Mistress Serene could not believe that her slave had leaked her secrets. She had given him few of them to test him and he had clearly failed. She punished him before she chased him away. A pissed mistress Serene crushed and trampled on him as badly as she could before she made him lick her feet then she left him and went to do whatever it is she wanted to do.

Mistress Diana came home and she caught her slave masturbating in the kitchen. She would not have minded if he had done it in his bedroom. But he had done it in her kitchen where all her meals were cooked. She was pissed and as a result, she punished him as cruelly as she could. She stomped on his body as hard as she could and she used her boots.

Lady Anastasia does not like being questioned when she makes a decision and when her slave tried it, he had himself to blame for what she did to him. She used her bare feet to trample him. She crushed his head and tortured him as hard as she could manage to do. She did it over and over again till she was tired and convinced he had learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa bragged about how hardcore her slave and he how he did not feel pain easily. Her friends decided to find out for themselves whether that was real. She told her slave not to let her down and she tortured him as they watched. She trampled him, stomped on him and did all manner of things to him and he did his best to endure it all till the other mistresses were impressed.

Mistresses Sonny, Britney and Daria caught this guy trailing girls in their neighborhood and they felt like he was not up to any good. The mistresses did not want to wait till he committed a crime before they acted. They laid a trap for him and caught him. They trampled him cruelly at the same time and they made him endure the pain of their combined weights trampling him all over his body.

Mistress Natasha found out that her boyfriend had not paid rent and they had been given a demand letter. She knew he had money and wondered why he had not paid it and she had to punish him. She forced him to pay for a whole year by trampling him all over his body and including his head and his balls. She even jumped on him to add on to the pain.

Mistress Dorothy wanted to break up with her boyfriend. She had had enough of him and she felt the relationship was becoming stale and she wanted out. But she needed a good reason to do it so she cornered her boyfriend and accused him of all manner of things and she followed it up with trampling, crushing, kicking and other forms of torture till he decided to break up with her.

Mistress Melanie is a naughty girl who likes to do anything and everything as long as it promises to be fun. Today she was trying trampling fetish and she found a guy who was dumb enough to agree to be humiliated and tortured by her. He thought that he would score big and impress her by showing him how tough he was and how much pain he could endure. But she did not care about that.

Princess Serena wanted to exercise her legs but her mode of doing it was what was weird. She chose to trample her slave as a way to exercise her feet. She wore her sneakers because she considered it exercise and she trampled on the slave who was lying down. She turned a deaf ear to his screams of pain and went on with her exercise till she was tired of it.

Mistress Pandora wanted to toughen up her slave and she did it savagely. She forced him to endure a lot of pain. She used her high heels to trample him and by the time she was done with him, he was in the kind of pain she never knew was possible to feel. She trampled him from head to toe and to make it worse, she used him as her human ashtray.

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