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Emily and Candy have done their best to ensure that they don't receive much competition from Kacie. They fully intend to get her to submit and become their full time foot slave. But first, they reason, she needs to know what it's like to be in danger. They dance around her several times on the couch, then they decide to crush her neck with their bare feet and the full weight of their bodies.

Beautiful Candy and pale white Emily are horrible to the new recruits. Kacie is a mistress in training but she must endure both learning how to trample and the horrible hazing from the other girls, who want to develop her slave mentality. They strip down and strip her down and trample her on the couch with their bare, sweaty feet. Even though she cries out, they won't stop until she's dominated.

Kacie had some drinks and thought she was coming over for some sexy lesbian fun. Think again! This cute little petite girl is getting smashed in more ways than one. Emily, Candy and Teodora decide to take their dirty, smelly feet and rub them together and all over Kacie's body. Then when she's good and in pain they stand on her neck with all their weight and dig their toes into her little mouth.

Bambina is a cruel mistress, but she also has a soft side too. So when Alice and Maria decide that they want to dominate her she falls right for their trap. They kick her down into submission with their powerful legs until she agrees to be their slave for a day. At first she's scared, but when she starts to get a whiff and a taste of their sexy foot sweat, she's hooked.

Teodora has had just about enough shit from her so called friend Calina. It's time to teach her a lesson that she'll never forget and hopefully one that will turn her into a good and submissive slave for a long time. Teodora puts on her sexiest and most revealing leathers and crushes Calina's chest and stomach with her bare, sweaty feet, pressing her full weight on her breasts and neck.

Miss Kimmy loves to trample all over useless slaves and human carpets like this guy. She's good at it too. Today she decides that she wants to teach her friend the same skills and have a little party. So they set up the music, put on their sharpest high heels, and get to it! After awhile, everyone gets bored, so they all take their shoes off and start trampling with their bare feet.

In her tight black leather that shows off her perfect ass and her big black boots with straps and heels, this girl is a dominating mistress. She comes out to the garage on her day off and decides to go a walkin', which is what her boots were made for. She crushes a couple useless human carpets with her heels in the process, but they don't mind, and she keeps on stompin'.

Sindy loves nothing more than jumping all the time, and her slave loves nothing more than her powerful, beautiful feet. Could there be a more perfect match? She got a brand new pair of sneakers today and would love to test them out. So she stands up on top of the ottoman and jumps! Then, when they've had enough of sneakers, she takes them off and jumps with her bare feet.

This janitor has been very, very bad. Instead of mopping the floor, he's been peeking in and spying on two schoolgirls who happen to have detention. They figure that there's not much more trouble that they can get in, so they beat him up and drag him into the room in order to punish them. They lay him down on the floor and trample all over him while they write on the board.

As soon as Jane and Layla open their doors to the first torture chamber in the burbs, they were flooded with clients. These two sexy blonds are on their feet day and night for the pleasure of their slaves and clients. As soon as two of their clients walk in, they are laid down. These two ladies enjoy walking all over their bodies, with and without shoes. They get to step on a slave's face and get paid for it.

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