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Mistress Kourtney is a sexy mistress and this is her second time facing this loser slave and the first time he did not resist her too much so she knows that she needs to trample him harder and more brutally this time to make up for it. She makes him lay on a chair and she gets on top of him with her full weight pressing down on him as she tramples him in the stomach, chest and head.

Murderotica is a stunning mistress who was one of our first girls is back for another session with her loser slave Walter. She has her shoes on and her black pants as she gets on top of her loser slave and starts trampling him. She then takes off her pants and her shoes and tramples him again with her bare feet and just her shirt on walking all over his entire body with her full weight pressing down on his body.

Mistress Rabia is a stunning mistress wearing a pair of black high heels with black stockings on. She has her loser slave laying on the floor and she is standing on top of him with her sharp heels on her bare skin. She shows him no mercy as she gives him a brutal trampling session and when she is all done she turns her attention to his cock and balls to torture him even more painfully.

Goddess Jessica is a stunning mistress who is wearing a pair of high heel boots and she needs to relax. There is nothing more relaxing to her than trampling a loser slave with her sharp boots. She gets on top of him and tramples him with her full weight and then she uses his shirt to wipe her boots clean. Finally she makes him lick her boots clean to please her even more.

This loser slave is laying on the floor of a bus and he has his shirt lifted up so that his bare skin is completely exposed for his brutal mistress to enjoy. She has him laying on the his back and she takes her sharp high heels and uses them to crush her loser slaves bare skin as she tramples him brutally with her full weight leaving red marks all over his entire body.

Mistress Jay has had a stalked for quite some time and now she has finally caught him red handed and she has retained him and called her friend Mistress BlackDiamoond for some help. These two mistresses then take him and trample him brutally with their sneakers and their boots leaving him begging for mercy but he needs to learn a lesson about stalking sexy mistresses without being a loyal and obedient slave.

Mistress Leelo is a cruel mistress who takes her slave outdoors so she can trample him with her wedge heel sandals. She stands on him with her full weight and tramples him into the ground. She wants him to feel more pain so she jumps high in the air and comes crashing down on his body with her full weight crushing his chest and walks all over him like he was a sidewalk.

July had always heard that trampling men was a good way to dominate and inflict pain so she put on her nicest boots with the highest heels so she could really punish her first time slave. She starts out slow and walks all over his torso with her full weight then gets more excited the more pain he feels. That's when she takes off her boots and jumps up and down on top of him.

Barbie is a sexy pole dancer and really knows how to work that pole in her chunky high heel boots. The interesting thing about Barbie is that she likes to pole dance on top of her slave. She makes him lie beneath the pole while she brutally tramples him as she dances. Every hot move causes her heavy white boots to come crashing down on his body with her full weight.

To celebrate the holiday season; Stacey, Joss and Sonya make their female slave Kacie lie on the sofa so they can trample her in their Santa outfits. They stand with the full weight of all three of them on the helpless Kacie with their beautiful legs and pretty bare feet exposed. Their merciless feet crush Kacie's body and smash it into the couch and humiliate her with facestanding and throatstanding.

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