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This mistress and her friend had a bet with this loser. The mistresses won the bet and the guy lost it. So they could do anything they wanted to him and they chose to trample on him. He had to endure their painful trampling and there was nothing he could do about it. He was lucky however, that the mistresses only used their bare feet to trample him and not with their shoes.

Mistress Serena likes to do what she feels like. She is not your average mistress. She likes to get losers to do what she wants and today she felt like trampling this guy. So she had to make him endure her painful tramples. She crushed him with her bare feet and he was luck she did not use her boots or her high heels to crush him. She let him go when she got bored.

Mistress Pandora learned that this guy was behind the rumors that were circulating about her. She wanted a stop to them and she punished him to make sure that happened. She hunted him down and when she caught him, she trampled his neck and his chest. She jumped and stomped on him and he cried as she did what she did to him. She told him the body trampling was just a start.

Mistress Gaia had invited her friends to her house. She wanted them to have some fun so she brought a slave and the mistresses were to crush him and trample him. They had never done it before and it was a lot of fun as they body trampled the slave from head to toe and they also did it together at the same time. The slave was in a lot of pain but the mistresses were having the time of their life.

Madame Marissa had told her boyfriend to work out but he did not listen to her. He was unfit and he was lazy and she did not want it. She was pissed as he did not listen so she used her sneakers to body trample him. She crushed her boyfriend's face and she made him lick and smell her socks as well as the soles of her sneakers as punishment.

Mistress Slava wanted to test her slave's pain threshold. She made him lie down and she used her bare feet to trample him. She cruelly crushed his face and his chest before she made him lick her feet. She gagged him with her foot as she inserted it into his mouth and she nearly choked him. She got the information she wanted and she let him go.

Mistresses Sonny and Joss were paid to punish this loser and they did it cruelly. They did not let him go even for a minute. The mistresses body trampled him as he lay down. They started with his stomach and worked their way down to his balls. The slave cried in pain but his cries of pain did nothing to make the mistresses stop what they were doing to him.

This mistress took advantage of the fact that she had a problem with her slave to punish him more than she usually does. She cruelly body trampled him and to make it worse, she also called some college girls and she made them trample on the guy.The girls had a great time with it and when they were done with him, they had had more fun that they thought was possible.

Mistress Amber was dressed sexily and this loser thought it was his lucky day. But it was not and he had to endure her pain. She trampled him painfully using her bare feet as well as with shoes. She made sure that her slave was not only in pain, but that he would also humiliated so that it could be worth her time. She was an extremely busy mistress. The slave learned his lesson.

Mistress Jessica caught her boyfriend watching porn and she realized why he had not been having interest in her. She had to make sure he would not watch it again. She body trampled him using her high heel boots and she made him scream in pain. She asked him if he wanted the porn or he wanted her and he agreed he wanted her and not the porn he liked to watch.

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