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Madame Marissa had taught her slave how to cook. But he did not seem to grasp everything she had taught him because when she asked him to do it all by himself, she was horrified at the kind of meal she was served. It was horrible and she punished him for it by crushing his face and his body using her bare feet. She did it a few times and it was enough motivation for him to do better.

Mistress Becca wanted her farm tilled the way she liked but the loser she had hired did not do it the way she wanted. He actually did not do it at all. Luckily for her, she had only paid him a small deposit so she crushed his face as well as his stomach and his balls and made him give back her deposit plus some interest for wasting her time.

Lady Alice and lady Casey had a threesome with this guy and while they made sure he had the time of his life, he did not reciprocate. The mistresses were disappointed and did not have as much fun as he did. To make sure they ended it all on a good and high note, they had fun at his expense by trampling him. They crushed him all over from the face to the balls and enjoyed as he cried in pain.

Madame Marissa loves trampling slaves and losers. She does not do it because they have messed up but rather she does it because she likes it and she considers it good exercise for her feet. That is why she likes to do it in her flip flops or using her bare feet. She enjoys to crush them slowly and while she enjoys it that way, the losers and slaves feel more pain that way.

Mistress Morgan wanted to punish her slave brutally and she knew she could not do it at home because he would scream and attract the attention of neighbors. She took him rock climbing and waited till she knew they had climbed high enough and that there were no people nearby. She then crushed him and trampled him with her bare feet. She even tried to use her foot to strangle him.

Mistress Helga went to the kitchen and she found her slave picking her nose while doing the dishes. She was pissed off and stopped him. She punished him for doing it and for all the times he did it without her knowing. She had to make sure that was the last time he picked his nose. She trampled him painfully and by the end of it, she knew he would never dare do it again.

Lady Electra and her friend lady Natalie wanted to get some information from this guy and they tried to get it but he refused to divulge any information. The mistresses were pissed off and had to do something about his stubbornness. The mistresses resorted to trampling and stomping on his body. They crushed his head and face and before long, the pain was too much and he spilled the beans.

Mistress Amethyst caught this guy spying on her and she had to make sure he told her who he was spying her for. She laid a trap for him and he took it. She trampled him and crushed his body using her boots. The guy cried and begged her to forgive him but she did not listen. She only left him when he had told her who had sent him, how long he had been doing and what he had told him.

Princess Serena does not like weak guys. She only messes with strong guys. That is why when this guy expressed interest in her, she checked him out and found he was ok. But she had to test whether he was a soft guy before anything further. She took him to her house where she trampled on him and stomped on him to test whether he would cry like a little girl. He passed her test.

This mistress was enjoying the scenic views when she saw her boyfriend flirting with someone else.He had not seen her till he was close to her but she had seen him. And she had to do something about it. She threw him down when he went to her. She crushed and trampled him using her open shoes. She gave him a warning that if he ever repeated what he did, he would have himself to blame.

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