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When her slave makes her mad, Princess Pumagirly makes sure they don't make the mistake of doing it again. She orders her slave to lie on the floor and she stands over him. She begins to jump up and down on his chest. She uses the window ledge to keep her balance and jump as hard as she can. As soon as she starts to see the pain in her slave's face she stops and tells them they are worthless.

When Lady Senna wants to get warmed up for a night of fun, she calls her slave into the room. She has on leather clothing and her favorite black stilettos. She walks over to her slave and starts to walk all over him. She enjoys feeling him squirm and plead for mercy. She loves hearing him grunt and beg for relief. She keeps walking and grinding her feet into his soft body.

When she tells her slave to do something and he doesn't do it, she has no problem punishing him. She orders him to the floor and takes off her shoes. She steps on his face, making him squirm and and groan. As soon as she shifts her weight, she starts to tell him how worthless he is. She tells him that he is a piece of worthless trash not even capable of satisfying her.

When Alice, Emily and Eileen go out together, they always bring home a slave to share. They met a looser and they brought him into their apartment to teach him a lesson. They ordered him to lay down after taking off his shirt. They took turns stepping all over him with their stinky bare feet. They put their feet all over his face, making him lick the sweat and grime off.

When Lady Prinzzes puts on her favorite white walking boots, her slave knows what to do. She gets on the phone and walks onto her slave. She steps on his dick and balls, not caring about the pain. She walks onto his stomach and chest. She gets to his face and happily continues to walk. As soon as she puts her sole onto his mouth, he licks the dirt off.

When Mistress Kathrin decides to jump, she does it on her slaves and giggles at their pain. She dresses in her favorite black bra and thong with lacey black stockings. As soon as her slave is in place, she gets on her couch and jumps down onto him. He tries to brace his stomach but he can't escape the pain. She loves to hear him grunt and groan while she enjoys her day.

When Mistress Deborah goes outside for a walk, she enjoys taking her slave with her. she dresses in her favorite heels and stockings. As soon as she gets tired, she sits on a bench with her slave under her. She has him trained so that he will lick her heels automatically as she sits. She grabs the bench and walks all over him and enjoy hearing him grunt and groan.

Melina loves her best friend Kes. She enjoys teaching her all about the kinky pleasures in life. She calls her friend to her house and gives her a pair of knee high boots. She orders her slave into the room and to lie down. They both get on him and start to walk. They enjoy standing in the middle of his chest and stomach. He is groaning under their combined weights but he isn't allowed to beg.

There are few things that make Miss Laurie happy. She loves trampling on her fat slave and jumping on him. When she gets bored, she orders him to their special place by the bar and to strip down to his underwear. She starts to walk all over him while holding onto the bar. She enjoys jumping on him, telling him how fat and worthless he is. As soon as she gets tired, she stops but makes him do chores around the house.

When Princess Pumagirly decides to punish her slave, she punishes her slave brutally. She orders him on the floor and she puts on her soft soled shoes. She steps on his face and stands there. She doesn't care that she is hurting him. She doesn't care that he doesn't like what she is doing. She loves hearing him groan and moan. She loves hearing him beg and promise to do whatever she wants.

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