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This mistress wore her sneakers and she used them to dominate and trample this guy. The mistress felt that she needed to teach the guy a lesson because she felt that he was too much for her and that it needed to stop. He was always calling and texting and she felt that it was no longer cute but harassment. That is why she put an end to his interest in her by trampling him with her sneakers.

Mistress Ambra felt that her slave was getting too comfortable for her liking and that is why she used her body trampling fetish to punish him. The mistress cruelly trampled him with her sneakers and she ensured that he was in pain as she did her thing. The mistress also made sure that he knew she would do worse things to him than that should he ever repeat what he had done.

When it comes to teaching people a lesson, this mistress loves to use her sneakers. That is because they strike a balance between pain and humiliation. She did not want something very painful and she did not want something very mild. And that is why the sneakers were perfect as they made him feel the right amount of pain for her. And so she crushed him from head to toe.

Mistress Jessica has lots of shoes. And she knows all of them. This loser thought she did not know all of them and he tried to steal a pair. She immediately knew one pair was missing and she asked him but he feigned surprised. She could tell he was lying so she stomped and body trampled on him using her boots to make him tell her the truth and he did.

Mistress Melanie is a naughty girl who likes to do anything and everything as long as it promises to be fun. Today she was trying trampling fetish and she found a guy who was dumb enough to agree to be humiliated and tortured by her. He thought that he would score big and impress her by showing him how tough he was and how much pain he could endure. But she did not care about that.

Goddess Evil Pios is a stunning mistress wearing brown and cream Adidas superstar sneakers as she gets on top of her loser slaves body with her full weight. She has her loser slave laying on the floor by the bottom of the stairs and she climbs up a few stairs and then jumps off of the stairs and lands brutally on her loser slaves body with her full weight.

Murderotica is a stunning mistress who was one of our first girls is back for another session with her loser slave Walter. She has her shoes on and her black pants as she gets on top of her loser slave and starts trampling him. She then takes off her pants and her shoes and tramples him again with her bare feet and just her shirt on walking all over his entire body with her full weight pressing down on his body.

Mistress Jay has had a stalked for quite some time and now she has finally caught him red handed and she has retained him and called her friend Mistress BlackDiamoond for some help. These two mistresses then take him and trample him brutally with their sneakers and their boots leaving him begging for mercy but he needs to learn a lesson about stalking sexy mistresses without being a loyal and obedient slave.

Mistress Lea is a cute trampling mistress who loves to use her old black Converse sneakers to inflict trampling punishment on her slaves. She takes this loser outdoors and subjects him to brutal facestanding and intense trampling where she jumps high in the air and comes crashing down on him with her full weight. She is extreme and brutal as she chokes him by standing on his neck crushing his throat.

Mistress Lydie is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pair of black jeans with a brown sweater and her old black sneakers and she has her slave outside of her house laying on the sidewalk. She then gets on top of him and tramples him brutally in her old sneakers walking all over his face and body and even standing on his throat. Then she gets more brutal as she crushes his cock and balls under her full weight and sneakers.

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