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Lady Anastasia does not like being questioned when she makes a decision and when her slave tried it, he had himself to blame for what she did to him. She used her bare feet to trample him. She crushed his head and tortured him as hard as she could manage to do. She did it over and over again till she was tired and convinced he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Lydie is a sexy brunette mistress wearing a pair of black jeans with a brown sweater and her old black sneakers and she has her slave outside of her house laying on the sidewalk. She then gets on top of him and tramples him brutally in her old sneakers walking all over his face and body and even standing on his throat. Then she gets more brutal as she crushes his cock and balls under her full weight and sneakers.

Mistress Lydie and Mistress Leelo take their loser slave out in the woods for a walk and once they are all alone with him they have him lay down on the ground and have some fun with him. They start out mild by trampling him with their full weight and sharp heels and then they get more brutal as they start jumping on his body with his full weight and crushing his cock and balls.

Mistress Alyae is taking her slave for a walk outside in the woods and once she finds a nice secluded spot she decides to have some fun with her loser slave. She makes him lay down on his back on the ground and then she gets on top of him with her full weight pressing down on him. She is wearing her flip flops as she tramples and stands on his face causing him extreme pain.

Mistress Kitty is a sexy mistress wearing a pair of ballet shoes as she takes her slave for a walk in the woods. She finds a nice and quite spot for her slave to lay down on the ground. She then gets on top of him wearing her ballet shoes and presses down on his skin with her full weight. She shows him no mercy as she jumps on his cock and balls brutally.

Mistress Leelo used to be in the military and she wants to give her loser slave a real hardcore trampling wearing her rangers! She makes him lift up his shirt and lay down on the ground and she gets on top of him and tramples him with her full weight. She then gets even more violent and she starts jumping and stomping on him painfully and brutally causing him as much pain as possible.

When Mistress Deborah goes outside for a walk, she enjoys taking her slave with her. she dresses in her favorite heels and stockings. As soon as she gets tired, she sits on a bench with her slave under her. She has him trained so that he will lick her heels automatically as she sits. She grabs the bench and walks all over him and enjoy hearing him grunt and groan.

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