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This mistress took advantage of the fact that she had a problem with her slave to punish him more than she usually does. She cruelly body trampled him and to make it worse, she also called some college girls and she made them trample on the guy.The girls had a great time with it and when they were done with him, they had had more fun that they thought was possible.

Mistress Serene could not believe that her slave had leaked her secrets. She had given him few of them to test him and he had clearly failed. She punished him before she chased him away. A pissed mistress Serene crushed and trampled on him as badly as she could before she made him lick her feet then she left him and went to do whatever it is she wanted to do.

Mistress Natasha found out that her boyfriend had not paid rent and they had been given a demand letter. She knew he had money and wondered why he had not paid it and she had to punish him. She forced him to pay for a whole year by trampling him all over his body and including his head and his balls. She even jumped on him to add on to the pain.

Mistress Melanie is a naughty girl who likes to do anything and everything as long as it promises to be fun. Today she was trying trampling fetish and she found a guy who was dumb enough to agree to be humiliated and tortured by her. He thought that he would score big and impress her by showing him how tough he was and how much pain he could endure. But she did not care about that.

This guy had started to work out and his body was in pain and needed a good rub. But he did not want a soft rub so mistresses Sonny and Joss helped him but they did it by trampling him. That was the best they could do for him and surprisingly, he liked it and it was effective for him. It also helped that the has a high threshold for pain.

This mistress loves her horses. She likes them taken care of well and when she went to check on them today, she found her slave had not cleaned it as well as she expected. She threw the slave down while at the stable and she trampled him cruelly and painfully. She did not care how he felt. He should have known better than to clean her stable in a poor manner.

When her slave had muscle aches and needed a massage, this mistress decided to trample him instead of massaging him or paying for him to be massaged professionally. She made him lie down on the floor and she used her bare feet to trample him all over. Instead of helping him address the pain he was feeling, she added to his pain even in places he did not have pain previously.

Madame Marissa loves trampling slaves and losers. She does not do it because they have messed up but rather she does it because she likes it and she considers it good exercise for her feet. That is why she likes to do it in her flip flops or using her bare feet. She enjoys to crush them slowly and while she enjoys it that way, the losers and slaves feel more pain that way.

Princess Serena does not like weak guys. She only messes with strong guys. That is why when this guy expressed interest in her, she checked him out and found he was ok. But she had to test whether he was a soft guy before anything further. She took him to her house where she trampled on him and stomped on him to test whether he would cry like a little girl. He passed her test.

This mistress was enjoying the scenic views when she saw her boyfriend flirting with someone else.He had not seen her till he was close to her but she had seen him. And she had to do something about it. She threw him down when he went to her. She crushed and trampled him using her open shoes. She gave him a warning that if he ever repeated what he did, he would have himself to blame.

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