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These two girls are so fucking hot! Perfecta looks like a goddess! And Crystal seems to be a princess! And their residence looks majestic too. And they also like to see their gorgeous bodies. So they punish this slave while standing in front of a huge golden mirror! While doing so Bobby has to lie on the ground. His body can only barely seen in the mirror. But that is not important - anyway you need a magnifying glass to see his small dick! And because he is such a loser they let him feel the pain. They trample on his naked body with their bare feet. They have a lot of fun and laugh about this stupid idiot!

Nathalie is a really sweet nerd girl. She likes to trample men with her flats and bare feet. Her male victim has to take it all and he can not resist because his hands are bonded together. He is lying on the ground and she starts to walk on his chest with her hot feet. After a while she presses his feet onto his face and plays with his nose. They are a little bit sweaty but that doesn't matter, Nathalie likes to play and he has to follow all of her orders as good as he can.

At first the slave thought that it will be his lucky day. He already knew that the girls want to punish him because he did a bad slave job last time. And then he realized that they want to trample him. But they took off her boots before. He was really happy - until they started the session! They did not took off the boots because they have mercy. The only reason was that they could trample his face better without shoes! And so the sisters punished him the way they like it - hard and brutal! They are the Sado Sisters!

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