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This mistress took advantage of the fact that she had a problem with her slave to punish him more than she usually does. She cruelly body trampled him and to make it worse, she also called some college girls and she made them trample on the guy.The girls had a great time with it and when they were done with him, they had had more fun that they thought was possible.

Today the sisters play with two slaves at once. They order them to bring some champagne. But the slaves took too much time - so they have to be punished! They have to lie on the ground and soon the girls start to trample on their bodies. They press the spiky high heels deep into their flesh. But it is much more fun to feel the punished servants right under their feet and so they take off their shoes. Now they can jump much better and keep the balance. And they don't forget to treat their balls too! They stomp on them and squeeze them - next time they will serve the champagne faster, that's sure!

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