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Mistress Svenja is a tall sexy blonde mistress wearing pink and black lingerie with black fishnet stockings and black high heel boots and she is having some fun with her loser slave. She makes him lay on the floor in front of the fireplace and then she gets on top of him and brutally tramples him with her heels and when he thinks she is done she tramples him all over again with her bare feet.

When Mistress Kathrin decides to jump, she does it on her slaves and giggles at their pain. She dresses in her favorite black bra and thong with lacey black stockings. As soon as her slave is in place, she gets on her couch and jumps down onto him. He tries to brace his stomach but he can't escape the pain. She loves to hear him grunt and groan while she enjoys her day.

When Princess Helena wants to feel pretty, she puts on her blue lingerie and her matching nylons. She orders her slave to strip and lay on her bed. As soon as she enters the room, she sees his eyes glaze over. She then steps onto the bed and right onto his chest. She keeps her bare ass and pussy in his face so that he can look but she refuses his pleas to touch.

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